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Transformation is possible through peace.


Rwanda over the years suffered serious socio- economical issues, which made a lot of the settler to flee to neighboring countries. Neither foreign nor local investors were ready to invest in themselves or in the youth who had brilliant ideas to transform the country.  

Most of the countries with the lowest unemployment are in southern Asia. But the African nation of Rwanda being the lowest in the world also make the list, as well as Qatar on the Arabian Peninsula in western Asia. Wherever they are, their unemployment rates are stunning – ranging from 0.3% to 2.3% – and all best than the United States by a considerable margin.

This means Rwanda has been able to transform tremendously after ensuring a peaceful country; this gave both the social and economic entrepreneurs the chance to enjoy the sustainable and secured environment to create more jobs to lower unemployment.

I will then conclude that the Transform Ghana’s protect is on a good track to ensure that Ghana is transformed to a better Ghana tomorrow through the peace campaign project.

“This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.”
— Peace Pilgrim.

#Transform Project Peace Campaign 2016Transform Project Peace Campaign welcomes anyone to contact us with new ideas or assistance.

Convener Steven Ackah


Peace Maker – Dr. Kwame Kyei Baffour CEO of Unity Group of Companies.
Name: Anthony Ansong
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 Author: Tales by the FireSide(Series)

Anthony Ansong

Ceo - Ansong Holdings LLC Co-Founder & Editor Light Magazine Africa Author of Children Book Entrepreneur


  1. Rwanda has even progressed more than Ghana… As their unemployment rate is 0.3% compared to Ghana is a disgrace…. Meaning Rwanda is peaceful than Ghana

  2. Peace is not about your silence or not fighting… Its about stability and sustainability of your economy, this pave the way for people to come in and do business

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