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My Nakedness Motivates Me

Kindly tell us about yourself?


I am Edem Fairre, popularly known as “derabbit”, a young Voltarian girl who was born to a beautiful family at Jiasikan in the Volta region in Ghana. On the 1st of July 1993. My passion grew for modeling through the love for beauty pageants, as I’m always glued to the black & white TV my daddy owned in the year 2000.

A broken home, tragedy of the beautiful girls dream of becoming a queen ended me in the stone query, selling on the street and cleaning to take care of myself.

This hustle never nailed me down, besides it built a strong and independent girl and presently a student of Zenith University, studying Marketing Management.


Who scouted you?

I was in a high school when a photographer called me from Donthes Media for a test shoot, Luckily enough the camera was able to identify a model in me. Afterward they made me their ambassador, that’s how it all started.

When was your first public appearance and on which stage?

My first public appearance was on Pearl Amoah’s fashion show held at Oak Plaza, but the one I give more credit to, with much publicity was Fashion- gh fashion weekend 2014.


What are some of the challenges facing models in Africa?

I think I have answered this particular question on other media platform, and it’s something we need to addressed; Many international organizations have spoke about the African girl child wellbeing, but within some areas it’s just trampled upon. Modeling in Africa has many challenges, Firstly you look at good management, which is in some way improving, for me, probably because of my new management Empiregh-Models management. Because it’s said, “if you want to change anything you must first change yourself” So my management is using its platform to help the models in Africa starting from Ghana.


Most agencies do not care about you the models, and refuse to pay the right amount, disregarding the investment you have invested in branding yourself to be who you are.

Managements here respects, and believe in models from other countries, especially Europe and pay more attention rather than their own models here, even if you are more qualified than the model from Europe or not.

Besides, agencies rather pick non-qualified ones and not pay them, than to select a well-trained model. In conclusion, I think the models in Africa are well trained but they are not given the platform to exhibit their talent neither motivated to get a work well done.


How do you make money from Modeling and does it pays well?

I get paid from many diverse ways; which include Photo-shoots for corporate organizations, fashion designers, other times runways. I also do promotions mostly for Ciroc, which has been my main source of income for a while now.

Tell us about some of the works and projects you have done so far; Fashion houses you have modeled for, Photographers and more…

I have worked for a number of entities like Donthes Media, which was my first gig, then being the face of Beige Capital Saving and Loans Customer Service and an ambassador for University of Ghana – Legon fashion week. Aside these, I have featured in commercials both TV and magazines for Bayo Chemist and one in line, Ernest Chemist, ambassador for Mavina Group lingerie collections. Etc.


However, the most enjoyed was being a ring girl for DSTV Africa, modeling for Imperial leather product launch. Moreover, I have walked for Totally Ethnic, Purple collections, Sarah Christian, Adjoa Yeboah Max Closet, Nuna Couture and other top and upcoming designers. For photographers, I can mention a few like; Elliot Grandberry, Focus gh, Pixslrate Studio, Apag studio, AskforAfriyea, Sefa Nkansa , Nana Gaza, Dlan, Esinam etc.


Apart from working for companies have you done any charity works or is there any undergoing charity projects?

Some charities I have done are not meant to be talk of, but yes I have. And my team and I are working on one called SAFE ON EARTH in collaboration with LOLO lights (Synergy Ghana)

How do you define success?

To be able to live my life, my way and not loose enthusiasm no matter how many times I fail. I define my success as self-Actualization and high spiritual Consciousness.


What motivates you?

I love nature and the closest one to me is my body, which has been carefully shaped to suit my soul. You can imagine me standing right in front of my big mirror, enjoying my carrot like the bugs bunny, stirring at my naked self. The inspiration I draw from this encourages me; and when am emotionally broken, stare straight into my eyes through the mirror and I ask my self “What next” then I meditate. Because I believe nobody can imprison your power of imagination. It’s just purely ‘my’ Nature weirdness.

Do you consider Modeling as Entrepreneurship? Why?

Yes, Modeling grooms you by building and enlightening your perceptions on both international and internal affairs, because there’s been a transformation in who I was and who I am now, being business oriented and earning some money to take care of myself. In this effect whatever you learn can help you meet the right people, who intend, guide you on how to take calculative risk and be your own Boss. A model must at least know a bit of everything around her just not to be smart.

Describe yourself in three words.

Kind, Industrious, NAUGHTY; these are the three things that describe me. And the funniest part of it was when I was trying to consider myself as an animal, I realized I had some characteristics as the rabbit and I love carrot so much, aside the health benefit that was also how I had the name “derabbit”.

Photo 4-4-15, 11 38 56 AM

Besides money, what do you value or need most if you are to have job satisfaction?

To build an Empire called Fairrestyle Avenue with our Moto: In God we trust.


How can Africa improve in Modeling and bring more satisfaction to our young upcoming models?

We need to clear the perception, modeling means prostitution and also the fact that most people think its just about being pretty and taking nice pictures. It actually goes beyond that. Modeling is an art and what ever you see around you can be presented to you in different ways for you to enjoy it. Modeling is branding and calling attention to important things we have ignored. We need to create a simple barrier for legal Models to easily travel to work outside the country and other parts of the world. Also, guide to build the entrepreneurs spirit in most of us, which Light Magazine Africa has devoted to under take. In Africa when you look at our top models, I will say 7% out of 100% are the ones being Role models, which is a very horrible record.  We need to build something out as a family of models for the world to envy, not “everyone for themselves and God for us all attitude. Lastly help Brand and council us in ways the whole world will smile when they see us giving our best anywhere we step in the various branches in modeling.

Do you Enjoy modeling?

Yes I enjoy and love modeling. It’s like the taste of cotton candy. You bite big and it feels your mouth with lusty air and tinny sugary taste, just keep you wanting for more.


What will be your advice for the young ones going into modeling as a source of income?

Observe, be humble, listen, work hard, don’t forget to enjoy the fruit of your labor, and don’t get greedy just because you want to be everywhere and most importantly ask God to be in everything you do. Ask him to lead the Way, you will never regret when you ask.

Light Magazine Africa is enlightening and promoting young contemporary entrepreneurs in Africa, which area in the Modeling Industry should we focus to improve the lives of models in Africa?

Light Magazine Africa can use their platform to help connect managements and models in Africa together and as well as serve as a channel through where the Western world can select and transact model deals.

Message from Derabbit; I like to show an appreciation to “Empiregh-Models management, Vinolia SA www.vinoliasa.com, Stars Modeling Agency, Mike Siaw (kat), Glovit ghana; info@glovitghana.com and Donthes Media who discovered me.

My personal website is www.edemfairre.com, and I am still available for bookings- international and local contracts and fashion shows. And thanks to everyone who support me. God bless all of you.

Please kindly share your views with us concerning our interview with Miss “derabbit”

Anthony Ansong

Ceo - Ansong Holdings LLC Co-Founder & Editor Light Magazine Africa Author of Children Book Entrepreneur


  1. Beautifully said , she is pretty intelligent. She is sweet and jelly. Wow she will go far and Africa and the world should just wait for this SPARKLRS***. SO PROUD OF YOU SIS. Always be you and pure xx

  2. Eden Fairre is a rare gem and self motivated. She has all it takes to be a major force in African Modelling. Stay focus and watch your passion grow into Fairrestyle Avenue.
    Good luck

  3. Many at times we use the flaws in life as excuses and fail… I’m glad you have not and still climbing Higher.


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