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In this society we live in, it’s becoming common to see the “A” students or the 1st class students working for people that got classes lower than they got. And the question is why?
Rich people in our society such as Bill gates, Michael Dell, Zuckerberg are all people that dropped out of school. So why is it the case that the straight “A” students are working for others?
1. School tends to make people believe that the way to succeed is to get good grades, graduate, apply for a job and work till retirement which is not the case in this modern society if one wants to be very rich.

2. Good grades are for the ones that can read, memorize, understand quickly, follow rules hence the qualities of employees whiles those that do not make the good grades are the ones that go out of the normal way of doing things, the ones that rebel and take action regardless of outcome hence risk takers.

3. 1st class students want to be perfect. They want their every move to bring a positive outcome and not spoil their name. They consider so many things before they make a move and would not take an action with low chances of being positive. But the “C” students take action and wait for the outcome.

4. Good grades require more time for your books, and not spending time on things that would not bring a good grade. The average grade makers have more time to spend on other things, hustle their way around, Learn about life mostly the hard way. They explore.

5. To apply for a job, one needs a good CV, good grades, because probably that job has requirements where they do not accept anything below a “B” grade. When this happens only those with the good grades can apply. They get the job, get comfortable, aim at promotions at their workplace, work hard and retire. Now, what happens with those with the lower classes or grades? They don’t get the job, or they don’t even apply because they don’t have good looking CV’s. They go out there, hustle their way around, and make something whiles working on their own. They invest, and aim at making money.

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  1. Intelligence is subjective and academic performance isn’t always the best way to measure it. Graduating first class does not dictate the rest of your life. Life is full of limitless possibilities and lower class students tend to use this more to their advantage .

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