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Rumors are also flying that the tech giant plans on unveiling the iPad Pro, the latest version of Apple’s smart tablet. You might be wondering what exactly is so special about this tablet that warrants the “Pro” being tacked on to its name. Let us tell you.


First of all, this will be Apple’s biggest iPad yet. The last couple of years have seen Apple trying to go smaller and lighter with the iPad Air and iPad Minis. This year, however, in an attempt to court enterprise notebook computer users, they plan on going big. According to 9to5Mac, this behemoth of a smart tablet is going to feature a display measuring 12.9-inches and start at 64G storage capacities — a huge jump for previous iPads’ 16GB base models.


The iPad Pro will come equipped with LTE capabilities, which will liberate users from being bound to Wi-Fi. The tablet with feature the iOS 9.1 from the get-go and a stylus accessory. Additionally, rumors say that the iPad Pro will be coming with a USB 3.0 port, which allows you to transfer data at never-before-seen speeds for the technology. Also, for you sound buffs, the iPad Pro will have not one, not two, not even three — but four speakers.


Essentially, the tablet is such a multi.-functioning device that bridges the gap between computers and tablets, we *might* soon be bidding adieu to laptops as we know it.

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