Startup Ideas

  1. Tutoring

Tutoring tops the list of businesses because it is a business most people can do. Tutoring is very wide and cuts across many areas. Are you good at coaching or putting people through difficult topics? Can you coach a class of students freely without stress or sweat? If your answer is yes, this business is for you.

Tutoring is the easiest and cheapest business to start as you can also earn money, solidify your knowledge and help your students. Tutoring ranges from one-on-one coaching, coaching your classmates on topics they couldn’t understand.

You don’t need many materials to start this business, organize students, find a free class, and get a marker or chalk and start earning your dough. Easy right? Yea!

  1. Sales person

An entrepreneur or businessperson is someone who finds a need and fills it or someone who finds a problem and solves it. An entrepreneur can also do an existing service in a unique way.

Think of those things that students cannot do without. What are those things a student cannot help but spend his money on? Something like recharge card. Find others out and start supplying them to your classmates and schoolmates. Other things like provisions and educational materials can go. What are you still doing on that PC? Start thinking!!!

  1. Laundry / cleaning service

Its a known fact that most students find it difficult to do their laundry or clean their rooms or apartment. You could earn extra cash washing and ironing for classmates, schoolmates and lecturers at an affordable price. There are some women who wash and clean for some households who can be doing the washing and cleaning for you. Buy some detergents and find a place to wash the cloths, inform your friends about the laundry service and charge them for fewer prices. And this can also be a stable job for the woman, as you get more clients to wash for you can employee additional people to help you with the business.

  1. Writing of handouts and resume

This is an alternative business for those who cannot teach but are very good in writing. They are handouts lecturers give out and students find it difficult to dilute them into their brains. There is always that course that many of your course mates fail to understand but you are very good at.

What you need to do is, write handouts in simple and understandable words and put them for cheap and affordable prices. This is also applies to those younger than you.

Many students cannot write good resume/c.v to apply for vacation jobs. Start writing good resume and make your cool cash. Money is actually simple to make, isn’t it?

  1. Copy-editing

Most people don’t know about this business, so you could be the first to try it in your school. Every student you meet will have at least one term paper to write each semester. And surprisingly enough, many of them seem unable to use a grammar or spelling checker. Do you have the mindset for copy-editing? Can you spot mistakes and grammatical errors in a term paper or assignment? If you can, they are students that need your service.

This could also help you improve your skill and save students from scoring low marks.

  1. Registration of new and existence students

Most registrations for fresher’s and old students are done online. It is absurd that most students cannot do their e-registrations themselves without making mistakes. Some queue up at cyber cafes and end up not registering. This makes this a very viable business opportunity.

Get a laptop, a modem and a printer and get to work. Promote yourself online and through bills. Register at a lower price to what others are collecting. Make sure you do this with utmost care.

  1. Consultancy for new students

Maybe it’s just me but whenever I see a problem, I see business opportunities in them. New students go through a hell lot of stress with screening, clearance, how to apply for hostel, where to pay fees and other problems. Most times, they fall into wrong hands. Why not form a team, get new students registered and provide every information and support needed during registration period. Screen their papers, make sure every document is ready and fast track their registration. Verily, I tell you my friend, you will end up putting a smile on their faces and on the face of your bank account.

  1. Barbering/Hairdressing

If you can barb/weave student’s hair, this business is for you. Students can spend an average of $7 or more every month on his hair. You can make a good pipe and channel the money into your pocket. What you need is a good place, probably in the hostel, a mirror, a clipper, brush, etc. Ladies can also make real cash weaving and fixing hair in school. Ladies can also go into pedicure and manicure.

  1. Viewing center /DSTV live matches

This is another lucrative business one can go into while in school. If you can open a viewing center where football matches can be watched by students and even non-students, you will be making your cool cash.

Imagine the number of students that support various English clubs and other leagues. What you need is a nice location, a television and a satellite dish. What other businesses do you think you can start while in school as a student?

  1. Travelling or Tour Guide

Learn maps of tourist sites in your town, or different places that are closer to you. If you know well your town, then it is your opportunity to introduce it to your tourists.

Schedule your time according to your free days. Get contacts and be the professional one.




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